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Welcome to 'Ayamour', the home of luxury silk gifts and accessories.

Our products are hand crafted in England from the highest quality materials and ingredients. The designs are created from a combination of hand illustrated sketches and photos to form a piece of wearable art. We use the premium of all fabrics being silk for it's natural properties and luxury feel.

The unique bespoke designs are exclusive to the Ayamour brand to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe and home interiors. Whether it be through a pop of colour or elaborate print design, each piece will set you apart from the crowd. Be bold, be elogant.

Explore our online store of timeless silk scarves, pocket squares, pillowcase sets and discover the beauty and benefits of silk.

Team Ayamour. x


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Our Products

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Inspired by the Tropics


The Balata Silk collection designs were inspired by the tropical climate of Martinique - Forte de France.

Each design evokes the essence of natures unique shapes, textures, colours, sunset and moonlight shades discovered within the 'Balata Botanical Gardens' and the island. These jewels of nature along with their natural inhabitants have been captured within this collection, printed on exquisite Charmeuse Silk for the ultimate feel of luxury.


Silk Scarves

All our Silk scarves are original prints, handmade in the UK, giving each piece a unique touch. The light weight pure silks drape elegantly around your neck adding warmth without the weight and can also be worn as a hair accessory. The delicate softness of our silks ensure comfort, style and is a statement piece.


Silk Pocket Squares

Our Silk pocket squares are handcrafted in the UK using premium silk fabrics. Enhance the mood of your outfit with our combination of classic colours, clean lines and a bold print. Complete the look with matching Cufflinks.

Scented Silk Pillowcases

Silk is the premium of luxury when it comes to fabrics. It has many beneficial qualities. It helps in retaining moisture absorption to keep hair soft and aid a smoother complexion. Silk feels wonderful against the skin and provides comfort to those who suffer from allergies such as eczema and dry skin. Try it for yourself! Shop our range of pillowcase designs.