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Welcome to 'Ayamour', the home of luxury silk gifts and accessories.

Our products are hand crafted in England from the highest quality materials and ingredients. The designs are created from a combination of hand illustrated sketches and photos to form a piece of wearable art. We use the premium of all fabrics being silk for it's natural properties and luxury feel.

The unique bespoke designs are exclusive to the Ayamour brand to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe and home interiors. Whether it be through a pop of colour or elaborate print design, each piece will set you apart from the crowd. Be bold, be elogant.

Explore our online store of timeless silk scarves, pocket squares, pillowcase sets and discover the beauty and benefits of silk.

Team Ayamour. x


Silk Scrunchie - Black

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Silk Scrunchie - Black

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Silk Scrunchie - Black


Our handmade pure Silk ouchless hair scrunchies are very durable and expand to a good size for any hair volume. The supple silk fabric allows you to tie your hair back in a high or low ponytail without causing damage to your hair strands. They come in a variety of colours to enhance your hairstyle or keep your hair neat and away from your face. Great item for adults and children.

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